Oris unveils a contemporary rebrand that showcases the company’s inventive spirit


Oris_Crest_pos_print_Original_8390_800X600This spring, Oris is proud to introduce a stylish rebrand that cements its place in contemporary watchmaking. The company’s new logo, claim and creative have been designed to highlight Oris’s spirit of innovation and independence, qualities that shine through its collection of industrially produced, beautifully crafted Swiss Made watches.


Oris was founded in 1904 in Hölstein, a village nestled in the Waldenburg Valley in the north-west of Switzerland. Today, the company is based on the same site where it was founded over a century ago, and is proud to be not only Swiss, but also made in Hölstein.


The new branding focuses on the fact that Oris remains one of the few independent companies in the Swiss watch industry, and continues to forge its own path, fighting for what it believes in – high-functioning, high quality watches that make sense in the real world. The new claim, ‘Go your own way.’ is an expression of that freedom and independent thinking, as well as an encouragement to Oris’s independently minded customers to follow their own path.


As well as being independent, Oris is also rare because its collection is 100 per cent mechanical. Combined with inventive, useful innovations, that means an Oris watch helps its wearer stand out from the crowd.


The new Oris branding captures the spirit and confidence of the company, its heritage, its watches and its customers, and will propel the brand forward in a fast moving market.


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